Angela M. Sanders

I give the best part of my day—that calm few hours early in the morning when the birds are waking up and my subconscious is fresh from a night with the sandman—to writing fiction. Specifically, I write crime fiction geared to people who like down-to-earth glamour shaken with intelligence and wit.

My current series, the Witch Way librarian mysteries, also explores rural Oregon, but this time through the eyes of a transplanted East-Coaster who finds herself in the middle of nowhere, running a library in a multi-turreted house that would have made the Addams Family proud, in a town full of alarming eccentrics, and with the curious ability of being able to talk to books.

The Joanna Hayworth Vintage Clothing series takes place in my hometown of Portland and features a curmudgeonly aesthete who reluctantly solves murder cases while luxuriating in 1930s dressing gowns and icy martinis.

The Booster Club capers center around a retirement home for petty criminals who want to do good, but can’t resist using their, um, “talents” along the way.

The three Kite Shop mysteries, written as Clover Tate, take place in on Oregon’s gorgeous coast and star Emmy Adler, a young, struggling kite shop owner with hippie parents (quinoa and a Watergate reenactment club factor heavily) and a knack for stumbling over dead bodies.

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About Angela M. Sanders

Angela grew up in rural Northern California building forts in the woods where she devoured Nancy Drew mysteries. She earned degrees in economics and public administration, and in graduate school studied six months in Paris, sparking a lifelong interest in French culture. After 11 years as a congressional investigator, Angela realized she was more fascinated by the stories at the edges of her investigations—the decrepit exercise equipment in the ladies room of a Czech oil company; the curious number of framed photographs of women on a nuclear weapons official’s desk; the stupendous speed by which a particular Agriculture undersecretary inhaled chili dogs—than by the policies she evaluated. She returned to the west coast to explore the world and her imagination through magazine stories and fiction.

Angela lives in Portland, Oregon.